English-Moved and New Release



Hi all!

couverture flagship store has re-locationed.
NODe+, which store is good at sculpture making, locates in same land with couverture.

couverture had located in Nishi-azabu SIM for almost 9 months, but I rent again land for the store in Mainland again. I bought 1/4 SIM there and finish decolating there. I am a stickler for seasonal detail then you may enjoy winter scenery around my store. (◉ˇ◞⊖◟ˇ◉)b I will change my store's scenery depends on each 4 season. nyagos, who is the proffesional of buildings, created beautiful constructs also there. Would you come to my store to take Snapshot??(●´З`●)

I also released new stuffs just as the store has re-locationed. One is the onepiece named 'passionnemet' that is printed a bit modern pattern. And another is also one piece named 'sucre', its pattern is natural tasted. I started creating 'passionnemet' from August.(・ω・;) It is 'fountaine's A/W version. You can change its belt's texture and size.

I think 'sucre' is realistic design.( Actually I sometime incorporate the idea in my work.) You will enjoy hand made taste by wearing 'sucre'. Skirts have 3 variations. I packed 2 types(script on/ script off) objects in each variation's packages.

moved and brand-new open GIFT

I released the rug using 'sucre's texture. It composed the function of changing texture and scale. It sells at my flagship store and NOD+e. couverture and NOD+e made the rug in union. You can purchase 0L$ it whole these 2 weeks. I will set a price on it after that.


This is the Groupgift from couverture. It designed simple about weighst part after all though I concidered various design. It also sell 0L$ whole these 2 weeks. I will set a price on it after that too.

I join in The Down the Chimney Hunt and Cristmas event 2009 ( at LOVE SOUL SIM) on this month. Also join in Designers United III ( it will be held on around new year).
What a wonderful month December is!!!

couverture くうべるちゅーる