English-couverture*kotatu(2008ver. 50%off


Hi all.

I replace Kotatsu(=Japanese low table for winter) ,that was released last year and kept in my inventory whole the summer, at the corner of coverture*Flag store. I really want to publish out new one but I don't enough time to do.:((

Thank you for many requests, I decided to sell last year's stuff;)

Its price is set 150L$(50% off than last year) with my gratitude for all.

*5 poses contained each 4 sit positions
*2 textures contained Kotastu's table part

I feel embarrassed a bit about replacing last year's stuff, but it took me a lot of time hard work to release this Kotatsu...

...Well. Please check it out if interested in:*) Tatami(=Japanese mat) is also sold out there, the price is 30L$.

And Kendoll supports as English translator of coverture from this article. She posts translated one after chocolate wrote Japanese post so that some lags will occur between Japanese articles and English ones. Please make sure about it:)) Thank you!


couverture くうべるちゅーる