Stuffs For Japan Earthquake

Stuffs For Japan Earthquake

***SS 1***

For Pacific Crisis

I set same stuffs at MAIN STORE to avoid event SIM's traffic congestion.
couverture*Check-onpiece >Blue
☑copy ☑mod

***SS 2***

Move for F of Japan
couverture - Bird print Cussion >Yellow
couverture - Bird print Cussion >Green
each trans 140L$
each copy 380L$

Get them at MAINSTORE.

While seeing and hearing this serious crisis,
I talked with my family how I could act for this problem.

Donation and blood donation in Real Life.
And I join in the event in Second Life, no matter how it takes a bit detour way. All sales refund for donation.

I hope the actions that will lead to the future.

I think these items what one get by scribing are kinds of symbol as 'thank you for your subscribe'.

It will be a bit difficult to catch the someones' attention without the event, though, I think this event has great value or significance.


-chocolate Arashi