English--))) Twinkle Night Bazaar (((

Lace Hem Dress Star AD


Hi from chocolate.
couverture participates +mocha+'s the Star Festival event.

All stuffs' price are 0to50L$ and these give us  summer breeze.
Event's site is so fancy and fantastic, please TP there to enjoy the Star Festival!

couverture has released race ham dress&tunic(the Star Festival version)and new hair(8 colors).
This is second time that published hair from couverture.
Tough I have butterflies in my stomach to release them I am very happy to they are married into you(customers'  inventry:*))
I will retry to release new hair, please be looking forward new one!

Twinkle Night Bazaar

Recently happy present gave me from Linden.
couverture is introduced secondlife's showcase.
I was very surprised when I found the girl worn my dress at SL's opening screen, 
but  this time Linden introduces my store so I am surprised so much.

I appreciate very much..
couverture will publish new stuffs as usual:*))

couverture くうべるちゅーる