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Nishi Azabu


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Hi from chokcolate Arashi;) New items , puff-sleeve knit sweater, are released.

Almost of all items are constituted by sculpted prims.
20 colors valiations are available. You can purchase each 5 colors knits in each couverture stores (Flagship store+3 branches). In short, these colors are limited ones that you cannnot get them in other stores. I packed each limited colors by asking each land's owner's favorite ones, so I think these 4 series suit on each land's atmosphere...

Well well...
You can wear this sweater with accessory on the breast. I packed TypeA and TypeB in order to enjoy wearing them for the customer who enjoys wearing clothes one over another or does not like editing objects so much.

-> TYPE A ( for the person who likes no scripted objects)
No script, packed following objects
/ already accessory is linked with kint
/no accessory on knit for chest
/no accessory on kint for spine
/accessory color cannot be changed

->TYPE B ( for the person who likes scripted objects).
resize script included, packed following objects,
/knit parts that resize script included
( I tried to make the accesory-linked knit with resize script, but it does ot work well..;()
/accessory for spine
/accessory for chest
*accessory colors can be changed:)

I thought I was an interfering person because I provided these packings for each stores, though I cannot find another better way to enjoy purchasing all of you,,, YES, I am a kind of indecisive person. But these knit sweaters are contained my tenderness heart:*))

I did not think it was too hard work to gave birth to them;(( I was really irresolute for selecting colors.:( But I love all released colors because I imagine customers choose each fav color like they choose their own fav cotton candy:*)

All sculpted kint sweater is the first work of using sculpted prim at couverture.
Without nyago coopereted on this product they would not be released..(・∀・)<3

Thank s a lot!!

couverture*Puff sleeve sweater
220L$/one color
1100L$/each Fatpack1 and 2 (Fatpack1,2 contain 10 colors per pack)


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