English--couverture*Fur bolero New Color

fur borelo-vermilion-AD

fur borelo-black-AD

fur borelo-cream-AD

fur borelo-chocolate-AD

Hi from chocolate.
couverture has released store original fur boleros. They are dderent colors' ver. from those of Designer's United 3 and I received many requests from many countries' customers after DU3.

DU3's items are not able to resale after the event, but permited releasing new color's one. So I prepared these new colors' items.
( I release only boleros, I don't expect to release new color's DU3's dresses.)

Released 4 colors, they are a bit darker than those of DU3. "chocolate" has been fixed like teddy bear's color because of high-classed atmosphere though I thought to be bitter chocolate color.

By requesting from Ding-chan(50 Flats), I made "black" bolero. She wanted to wear this on one of high-quality bland's dress. Please enjoy it, it's my great pleasure!

"cream",like natural undryed fabric, its color is different from pure white.
"vermilion", similar to red than pink and gave bitter spice to it.

Still we feel winter and those who want to enjoy winter fashion, please check couverture's new items!!<3

couverture くうべるちゅーる